First Sunday - Oct. '95

First Sunday – October 1995

Today at Chapel Hill

Today at Chapel Hill






Sunday, October 8th, 1995, seventeen people met in the family room of the Whisner’s home for the first service of a brand new baby church. Over the next few months, that little band of people outgrew the family room (the last service in the home, there were 68 people packed in the family room, overflowing to the kitchen and other rooms). Soon, they rented space in a local Bingo Hall, then moved to an elementary school. When the church was just ten months old, they purchased a large gymnasium building from the Chapel Hill Golf Course in the burg of Bangs.

The Chapel Hill family has experienced the favor and blessing of God since their small beginning. After purchasing the gymnasium, they continued to outgrow each area that they prepared as their auditorium. For their third anniversary, they moved into the gymnasium portion of their building which is our current sanctuary.

Pastor Dan writes, “From the time I began to be burdened to start this church, my prayer has been that we would see the power of God working in our midst and sense the presence of God moving in our lives. Week after week, day after day, that prayer has been answered. Truly, God has blessed our church far beyond what I could have ever dreamed or imagined. Almost every Sunday as I sit on the platform and look across the audience, I reflect back on how far we’ve come since the fall of 1995. From that inauspicious beginning, God started a great work of which my family and I are delighted to be a part.”

Today, the church is made up of folks from many different backgrounds: from very different religious upbringings ~ from one of the choir members who is the son of an Episcopalian priest; others who weren’t raised in church at all; folks who were raised around a lot of religion, but with no understanding of a personal walk with Christ; those who were raised in the Catholic faith; others who come from Amish backgrounds, etc. ~ to those who have been brought out of the despair of living selfish, empty lives.

From these dramatically different upbringings and lifestyles, a strong bond of love has been forged by these people who have committed their lives fully to Christ and now gather each week to worship Him together.

To quote Pastor Dan again, “We are taught that the Body of Christ should be fitly framed together ~ and God has and is putting together a precious group of people who are beautifully fitting together for His glory. Having traveled in hundreds of churches, I am honestly convinced in my heart that God has assembled some of the sweetest folks in all the world and allowed them to worship together in the little burg called Bangs.”

Beginning in 2018, after twenty-two years of faithful service and leadership, Pastor Dan handed the role of Senior Pastor to his son, Jon.