Jon Whisner


Jon & Kari were both raised in Mt. Vernon. They met each other at Chapel Hill in ’03 and married in ’05. Jon is the son of our founding pastor and has been a part of Chapel Hill since day one. He joined the pastoral staff in 2001, and beginning in 2018 became the senior pastor of our church family. Kari is the head supervisor of our church school, Chapel Hill Christian Academy, and helps Jon with the administrative duties of the church. The Whisners have three children; Reagan, Gibbs & Ryland.

Gary Hankins


Gary & Kristin married in 2003, and began attending Chapel Hill in 2004. Gary is a school principal in our community and became our part-time associate pastor in 2021. Kristin serves as a full-time aide for our church school and volunteers as a teacher in our kids ministry. The Hankins have two children; Brock & London.

Dan Whisner


Dan, raised in Ohio, and Ronda, raised in Alabama, met at a small Bible college in southern Florida in 1971. They were married in ’74 and began a life of ministry together. Pastor Dan & Ronda founded Chapel Hill in their home in 1995. In 2018, after twenty-two years of faithful service, Pastor Dan handed the responsibility of senior pastor to his son, Jon. He now serves in a supportive role as pastor emeritus. The Whisners have four adult children and eleven grandchildren.

Connie Jackson


Connie & Josh married in 2007 and began attending our church in 2009. Connie became our Kids Ministry Director in 2023. Josh & Connie also serve as the leaders of our young families fellowship at Chapel Hill. The Jacksons have three children; Ethan, Ella & Alex.

Stasi Culbertson


Stasi & Allen were married in 2008 and have been attending Chapel Hill since their days of growing up in our youth group in the early 2000’s. Stasi has been directing our music ministry since 2023. Allen has served Chapel Hill coaching our church softball team for many years. The Culbertsons have two sons; Xavier & Titus.

Donna Charles


Donna has attended Chapel Hill since 2000 and has served as our Church Treasurer since 2017. She also assists with our music ministry and online resources. Donna has been married to her husband, Randy, for thirty-one years and they have two sons and five grandchildren.